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I can't believe this!  My submarine is now in a museum!  I am getting old!

This is a picture of the engineering room for the nuclear reactor on the
sub.  If you look at either picture, the middle panel is the one I spent a
couple of thousand hours sitting at.  The left panel, with the two wheels
is the propulsion plant (the large wheel goes forward, the smaller wheel
reverse).  The middle panel is the Reactor Control panel, where the reactor
power, temperature and pressure is monitored and controlled (where I spent
my time).  The right panel with the knobs, is the electrical panel which
controls the electric turbines and the battery.  There was also a forth
person, an Engineering Officer of the Watch that stood behind us.  So the
four of us would watch these panels for 6 hour shifts, usually on an
18-hour rotating day while at sea (so we might work from 6pm-6am, then
6am-12, then 12midnight - 6am, and so on).

Ironically, the Sandlance was built in 1966 (same year as me) and now
retired (but wait, I'm not!)