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10/26 thru 11/1 - My own experience at The Sedona 7-Day Retreat

This is a really good tool for performing inner change, releasing unwanted emotions, obtaining peace, freedom and abundance.  The best way to learn more about it (and the method) is to read the book.  (Please e-mail me for more info ... I may have some extra copies:).

This was a live seminar and we had about 56 participants.  Folks from Japan, the U.K., Canada and the U.S. attended.  We had a lot of diverse backgrounds including a lawyer, actor, writer, hairdresser, psychiatrist, FEMA, spouses, parents, teachers from other disciplines that wanted to incorporate this method into their teachings, and many others.

Each of us had the opportunity to discuss issues with Hale Dwoskin as well with peers using exercises.  I spoke with Hale about a few concerns, one being physical leg pain.  As we questioned the pain, it released and was gone.  This was a common occurrence for many at the retreat.  I also discussed a rather burdensome anger I had toward an ex-in-law.  As we discussed it ... it released and was gone ... permanently!  

I should mention that it is the method that does the releasing (i.e. you do) and does not require another person or mentor.  (Hale, although the president, is actually a facilitator for the Retreat ... and a living example of the method ... he allowed us to let the sessions go where they may.)  It was personally helpful to me to see the method in action and have the synergy that occurred with the group.  

It was very common that one person would bring something up that everyone else could relate to and we all gained from releasing the issue.  This occurred when the person from FEMA spoke about post-911 and the 5 weeks they spent at ground zero.  We all felt the anger and sadness that he was experiencing and were able to release it.

There are so many more gains and positive experiences I had both from learning the method and attending the seminar that I can't list them all here.  Please email me if you would like to discuss further.

10/30 - Day 5 of the Retreat

10/31 - Day 6 of the Retreat

11/01 - Day 7 of the Retreat